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Doctors Fee Compensation
Doctors Fee Compensation
Hospital Expenses Compensation
Hospital Expenses Compensation
Operation Expenses
Operation Expenses Cover
Ambulance Transportation
Ambulance & Air-Ambulance
Transportation Cover
Maternity Benefits
Maternity Allowance
Additional Covers
Endoscopic & Other Tests
Endoscopic & Other Tests Cover
Pre & Post Surgery Rehabilitation Expenses
Pre & Post Surgery
Rehabilitation Expenses Cover
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Find below some of the basic coverages of Health Insurance:

Compensation for doctors fee
Service of Second Opinion
Option for Outpatient care coverage
Medical and Travel aid abroad

Compensation for hospital expenses
Expenses before and after treatment
Surgical expenses without overnight stay
Endoscopic surgery
Emergency transportation with ambulance or airambulance

Daily allowance
Post-surgery rehabilitation
House disability conversion
Medical expenses due to accident

Maternity Benefits
(up to 2000E)
Optional Additional Benefits:
Pap Test
Blood tests

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Disclaimer: Coverages shown above are only indicative. Insurance plans can be altered and tailored to each client’s needs.