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Health Insurance

Hospital Coverage
Preventive examinations

Health Insurance

Live safely


your house
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General Insurance

Make your family feel safe

Offer health and safety in your family with the new life and health insurance plans of our office. Always reliable, guaranteed and affordable! Call us for more information or leave your phone and we will contact you directly.

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Our Products

Health Insurance

We are not so rich to be uninsured.

Our Products

Life Insurance

Offer safety to you and to your dependent members.

Our Products

House Insurance

Protect and secure your house. Learn our policies and choose the one that suits your needs!

Our Products

Vehicle Insurance

Select contracts with a term of your choice.

Our Products

Boat Insurance

Protect your boat

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  • Life Ins.
  • House Ins.
  • Veh Ins
  • Boat Ins

About Us

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Nikos and Athena Mettouri are active in insurance 20 years. Starting this year, they maintain their own insurance agency and cooperate with the largest and most respected companies in the current field to offer you the best service at the best prices. Visit us to find the policy that suits you.






Our Vision

Reliable insurance for everyone!

The N&A Mettouris Insurances Ltd having as guid human needs and high sense of responsibility for all the years of its operation, is by you every time you need it.

Nikos Mettouris
1500 customers
5 cooperating companies
5 insurance types
23 years of experience

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