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Nikolaos Mettouris

I was born on 3 August 1969 in the village of Pissouri Limassol district. I started in the profession of the insurer in November 1992 at the age of 22 years. In my professional career I have attended and participated in several conferences and seminars both in Cyprus and abroad. I am a member of the Insurance Institute from 1993 as life member of LIMBRA. I also have a diplpoma of L.U.T.C.F. and of C.F.A. και F.S.S. From 2012 I belong as a member of the world Organization of leading Insurers M.D.R.T.

My insurance career started in the insurance company Aspis Pronoia. I worked until 1999 where moved to Alpha Insurance until the end of 2014. In January 2015 I realized my dream to have my own insurance Bureau along with my family. The goals I have set for the advancement of the insurance office is to offer services to the candidate to insure customer according to his own personal, financial and professional needs, in several insurance companies to be able the customer to compare products of different companies and to choose with my professional knowledge in insurance product that deserves.

Athena Mettouri

I was born in Limassol, Cyprus in 1969. My husband is Nick Mettouris. My steps in the insurance space I did everything in my husband's side initially as his private Secretary since 1997 and then I took the generic propuse insurances.

With the zeal that I've shown in the insurance industry, gained insurance training certificates in 2012.

In the Office we've created I'm responsible for the general propose insurances.

Giota Mettouri

I was born in 1990. I graduated from Lanition high school of Lemesos in 2007 and followed secretarial studies in CDA where I graduated and I worked for four years as a private Secretary in a law firm.

With my father's plan for creating family insurance office, I walked and I as a Secretary in our company.

Rafaella Mettouri

I was born in 1993. In 2011 when I graduated from high school, Lefkothea followed MBA Accounting in University Finance & Frederick. I wanted to go to the accounting industry where continued Certified Accounting for a time. After pushing my father decided to go and I on the way the insurance industry when the 2012 obtained the certificate of general industry training and 2014 the certificate life insurance. When I realized that the way that is most suitable for me, having always beside me my father for backup, follow the Insurance Institute the DPP program (diploma in Insurance Studies).

So I too belong to our company, along with my sister, next to our parents.

Olympia Charalambous

I was born in 1969. Follow the profession of conductor for ten years next to the side of Nikos Mettouri.

I was with him in Alpha Insurance and when we decided to create its own insurance Bureau, followed him knowing his professional abilities.

I am responsible for the proceeds of General and life insurance industry.


What customers say about us?

Many thanks to all our customers for the confidence you have shown us all these years that we are in space of insurances. We desmeomaste to continue with more power and passion to make you feel whole and megallyteri safety

Thanks to health insurance that I have to N&A Mettouris I nosileytika Insurances Ltd and absolutely free in private clinic after serious accident. Thank you so much!

Dimitris PapadopoulosOctober 12, 2014

In N&A Mettouris Ltd Insurances we insure family all our vehicles for ten years. When has not betrayed our trust. We are grateful for this!




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