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Life Insurance

The premature loss of life of a beloved person us most of the time except for emotional and financial has unpleasant consequences. N&A METTOURIS INSURANCES AGENTS with the premium life insurance packages offered allows beneficiaries to face these difficulties, which vary from cover current expenses to repayment of a mortgage and financing of studies of children.

Please select one of the affiliated insurance companies in order to see more about each insurance.
Don't forget that the insurance services prosarmozontai depending on the needs and preferences of each client!

Life Insurance - MetLife

Life insurance provides insurance protection with one-off Capital Coverage for financial support of family (Beneficiary) in case of death of the insured person from Illness or Accident.

Learn more about life insurance, MetLife

Life - Eurolife

The main objective of the program is to offer insurance protection from the risk of death. The program can also work as a means of systematic investment and raise capital. The amount payable in case of death is selected insured amount or value of investment units, whichever is greater.

See the available insurance plans of Eurolife:

Life Insurance - Ethniki Asfalistiki

In the word "life" included the existence but also the creation of somebody. Things big and small that determine our position and we want to protect from any danger might threaten.

Ethniki asfalistiki enables you to protect with the specialized insurance programs.

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